Soil Shares CSA is now accepting members for the 2015 season. There are some changes from last year so note the CSA details if you are a returning member. Our goal is to provide diverse, nutritious shares to members while giving farmers an additional outlet for their produce. Below you will find info about the CSA and a link to sign up. Thanks for finding us!


Though we are not currently certified, everything is raised according to organic standards . We never use GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or administer antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. Our practices sustain living soil with abundant beneficial microbes/ insects, and pastures that nurture pollinators. Cover cropping, composting, and crop/livestock rotation build soil fertility and mine nutrients that would otherwise remain trapped deep below, unavailable to crops. Heavy mulching and drip irrigation preserve precious water during long summer days.


Produce will be harvested on multiple sustainable farms in southern Illinois. A sample share might include a green, a root, a fruit, an allium, an herb, and a loaf of bread. We will work with dietary restricitions or preferences, substituting additional produce or alternative products when possible. No item will be given more than twice in any four week period to ensure diversity, and great care will be taken regarding standards and preparation to ensure that quality and value meet your expectations.


Shares cost $22/wk and will be delivered for a total of 20 weeks, split into two shorter seasons from May-early July & August-November. There is a share fee of $25 for account set-up and supplies like boxes, bags, etc. making the total $465. Shares will consist of six-eight produce items ($16 value) plus a value-added product ($6), such as honey, salsa, or a baked good made with local and organic ingredients.


You will receive a newsletter by email, usually on Mondays, which will include farm updates, recipes, and details about what's in the share and where it was harvested for the week. If you are out of town or otherwise unable to pick up your share, it is your responsibility to find someone to pick it up in your place. Shares left after delivery without prior arrangement will be donated.


Follow the link below to become a member of Soil Shares CSA for 2015. By completing and submitting the form, you agree to pay in full by the date(s) you set forth. There are three different payment plans for you to choose from, with as little as $100 due when you sign up.


You can pay the balance of $340:   1) with your $125 deposit; 2) in one additional payment due February 15; or 3) in two additional equal payments due February 15 and March 15. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of form receipt. Checks and credit/debit cards are accepted, though for cards we must pass on 4.5% fee from our processor.


Thank you for supporting our sustainable farms!

To sign-up now, follow this link to our online form:

Sign up for Soil Shares CSA 2015!